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In April, President Trump directed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to conduct a review of national monuments created since 1996. Interior Secretary Norton conducted a similar review of Clinton’s monuments in 2001 and recommended that President Bush leave them intact while resolving local issues through required land use.

The American Monuments Alliance is a coalition of conservative leaders dedicated to preserving our public lands from the mountains to the prairies.

The Antiquities Act of 1906 gives the President authority to set aside public lands as national monuments.Pres. After a review of the lands, Secretary Ryan Zinke has recommended President Trump to reclassify and reduce the size of 10 national monuments including Bears Ears (UT), Grand Staircase Escalante (UT), Cascade-Siskiyou (OR), Kathadin Woods and Water (ME), Rio Grande Del Norte (NM), and Organ Mountains Desert Mountains Desert Peaks (NM).

This reclassification means the acreage will be reduced and the lands can be used for commercial development of some of the most spectacular scenic areas in in the country.  Unlike National Parks, National Monuments allow local residents to take advantage of the land to conduct the following: Hunting, Fishing, Cattle grazing, Hiking and recreational activities, Tourist activities.

Supported by local businesses, sportsmen and community groups, national monuments provide the opportunity to create a surge in local economies.

There is widespread support for National Monuments.  A new McLaughlin & Associates poll of 1,000 likely voters found that 90 percent support the creation of more monuments or keeping the current ones protected.

It is clear that the majority of Americans oppose the plan by the current Administration to reduce the lands of National Monuments.

There is new life in the soil for every man. There is healing in the trees for tired minds and for our overburdened spirits, there is strength in the hills, if only we will lift up our eyes. Remember that nature is your great restorer.- President Calvin Coolidge
If we've learned any lessons during the past few decades, perhaps the most important is that preservation of our environment is not a partisan challenge; it's common sense. Our physical health, our social happiness, and our economic well-being will be sustained only by all of us working in partnership as thoughtful, effective stewards of our natural resources.- President Ronald Reagan
I am a conservative who likes to walk in Central Park in New York and along the Chicago lakefront and along the Chattahoochee recreation area. We can give our children and grandchildren better environments in their lifetimes through reasonable foresight.- Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich
Mountains are Earth's undecaying monuments.- Nathaniel Hawthorne


The Green Tea Coalition strives to find common ground amongst members from across the political spectrum to educate and empower American consumers, advocate for common-sense policy, and unlock the full potential of America’s energy future to serve the best interest of rate-payers.


Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship (CRS) is a national nonprofit grassroots organization founded on the premise that environmental stewardship and natural resource conservation are inherently conservative, and that the true conservative will be a good steward of the natural systems and resources that sustain life on earth.

About Director Ron Maxwell

Ron Maxwell is the award-winning writer and director of the 1993 film, Gettysburg, and is hailed as cinema’s leading interpreter of the complex, lethal, heroic period in American history surrounding The Civil War. He is a member of the Writers Guild of America, the Directors Guild of America and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He is the recipient of an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Concordia College.


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Supported by local businesses, sportsmen, veterans, and community groups, national monuments are beautiful historic landmarks, which provide the opportunity to create a dependable income for local economies and jobs for the local workforce, as well as a place to recreate.

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